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During this period of social distancing, we’ll be posting all scheduled lockdown live stream events from us and out friends (largely focussed on our home city of Leicester) here.


Live Events


Saturday 30th May, 19:00

Forgotten Futures: For the Benefit of All

With Forgotten Futures postponed until May 2021, we’ve decided to bring you the premiere of a special piece of work which was commissioned for the event, live streamed on the day it should originally have been performed.

For the benefit of all is a music and story project written and performed by Tom Morris in collaboration with experimental cellist Jo Quail. It was Inspired by, and was originally intended to be performed within Kelly Richardson’s Mariner 9 panoramic exhibition.

Using digital synthesisers, cello and NASA’s audio recordings, For the Benefit of All aims to tell a story of humankind’s journey to Mars, spanning over 800 years. It is to be performed with visuals telling the story and timeline of events with each chapter jumping ahead 48 years, detailing the efforts to expand upon the excitement of Mariner 9’s initial images taken in the early 1970s, whilst reporting on a rapidly changing and unstable earth.

For the Benefit of All was originally to be performed at Forgotten Futures 2020 at Attenborough Arts Centre on Saturday 30th May.

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Sunday 31st May, 17:00

HOMAGE À TROIS: Teenage Dream

Our second Home-age à Trois album is… Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. With seven singles and a handful of solid album tracks it fits the Homage à Trois model perfectly. A different musician takes each track and reinterprets it however they feel.

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On Demand Events

Maybeshewill – Live at Koko

Watch Maybeshewill’s sold out ‘final’ show before their hiatus from London’s Koko.

Download HD Version – Minimum £5 Donation to Friends of the Earth

Stream SD Version on YouTube


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