The Robot Needs Home Collective Artists

The Robot Needs Home Collective represents a number of artists in a variety of different ways, subject to their needs at any particular time. Our active roster is as follows.

  • Beef D’Reef
    Beef D’Reef Record Label
  • Châtelet
    Châtelet Record Label
  • Grace Petrie
    Grace Petrie Artist Management
  • Jo Quail
    Jo Quail Distribution
  • Maybeshewill
    Maybeshewill Artist Management
  • Rich List
    Rich List Record Label
  • Waking Aida
    Waking Aida Record Label & Management


  • &U&I
    &U&I Record Label
  • Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires Record Label
  • Cats and Cats and Cats
    Cats and Cats and Cats Record Label
  • Death of London
    Death of London Record Label
  • Fight Fire With Water
    Fight Fire With Water Record Label
  • Freddy Lobos
    Freddy Lobos Record Label
  • Goodfellas
    Goodfellas Record Label
  • Herra Hidro
    Herra Hidro Record Label
  • Hey Nostradamus
    Hey Nostradamus Record Label
  • I Am In Love
    I Am In Love Record Label
  • Juniors
    Juniors Record Label
  • Silent Devices
    Silent Devices Record Label
  • Speaking In Italics
    Speaking In Italics Record Label
  • These Furrows
    These Furrows Record Label

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