HOME: Courtney Askey at Leicester Museum’s Victorian Gallery

12th March 2021 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Online

HOME is a love letter to the city of Leicester. A series of ten streamed shows from ten different, spectacular locations commissioned by The Robot Needs Home Collective and supported using public funds from Arts Council England.

Courtney Askey is a musician and artist based in Leicester. Performing both solo and as a band, her music is sometimes riotously noisy, and sometimes contained and reflective. Courtney writes songs imbued with storytelling and melodrama, tinged with influence from folk to shoegaze to garage rock.

This performance was recorded in Leicester Museum’s spectacular Victorian Gallery, and will stream at 7pm on Friday 12th March, with Courtney in the stream’s chat answering questions and giving insights in to the songs and the recording. It will then be available to watch on demand.


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