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We had some amazing things planned for Forgotten Futures 2020 that for a long time it looked like wouldn’t come to fruition. Thankfully, a few weeks ago Attenborough Arts Centre let us in to one of the spaces we would have been using for the event to film a couple of special performances. We can finally bring you a little bit of what this years event would have been like, and what you can expect from Forgotten Futures in 2021.

First up is this magical performance by Peter Wyeth within Kelly Richardson’s ‘Mariner 9’ (2012).

Forgotten Futures takes place on Saturday 1st May 2021 at Attenborough Arts Centre. It collects together a musically diverse programme of artists from across the UK for a full day of immersive performances in spectacular environments.

Tickets and more information:

Kelly Richardson, ‘Mariner 9’ (2012). 3-channel HD video installation, 43′ x 9′ (variable) with 5.1 audio. Originally commissioned by Tyneside Cinema, UK.

Filmed by David Wilson Clarke, Nick Lee Shield, Fraser West.
Recorded and mixed by Matthew Daly.
With thanks to all at Attenborough Arts Centre, especially Alistair Burns, Stephen Escott, Emily Gill & John Kirby.

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